• ALPHA group is a Japanese automotive Tier 1 supplier, historical actor of locks systems in general.
    In particular one of the group iconic well-known product, is the individual locker bearing ALPHA logo.
  • Since his creation in 1923, the group has been expanding around two main businesses, both linked to access systems. Accounting for 20% of the group turnover the lockers for buildings, large shopping malls or other public spaces represent the first segment. The second business segment covers all access mechanisum for the transportation, accounting for 80% of the group sales.
  • The group is composed of 20 sites accross the world and was employing 4 516 persons 31/12/2020.
  • Excluding temporary staff and divided by the group region, the automotive business unit employs.

International Presence

Europe :

515 collaborators

America :

1 343 collaborators

Asia :

1744 collaborators

Japan :

343 collaborators

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Alpha Global Network

Domestic & overseas companies and overseas offices 11 countries 23 base

Alpha way

ALPHA WAY is the management principle that is deployed and promoted within the group.

ALPHA WAY a global corporate culture

ALPHA now promotes « Management by Principle ». This refers to the activity in which Corporate Philosophy, Management Principle, Human Ressources principle, Management Visions, Mission and Action Guideline (Passion) are in a statutory form and, through every employees’s complete understanding of their contents that fosters « unification of values » within the ALPHA group, management is carried out accordingly.

We named the starting point for practicing the Management by principle « ALPHA WAY ». With all employees in the ALPHA Group working together in pursuit of the ALPHA WAY », ALPHA aims to celebrate its centennial in success.

Safety and confidence

Protection of privacy

Pleasant life style

Efficient and productive jobs

Risk management

Key needs of the public

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ALPHA WAY Management principle

Increase the quality of all products and people in order to create and supply value that makes our customers happy

Alpha history

Supplying many highly advanced products to help people enjoy safe and secure lives

Company profile
Introduction & Main Products

Array of ALPHA technical solutions portfolio.

COIN LOCKER, parcel delivery boxes.