The paint Division of ALPHA Kk Group, SPPP is a paint specialist dedicated to paint on plastic material where an high and demanding level of quality is required. SPPP adresses niches market as well as large OEM serial production

SPPP is a service provider of decorative solutions on plastic or composites parts, primarly for automotive and more widely for the transportation segment.

The paint Division of ALPHA Kk Group, SPPP is a paint specialist dedicated to paint on plastic material where an high and demanding level of quality is required. SPPP adresses niche market as well as large OEM serial production.

SPPP is a service provider of decorative solutions on plastic or composites parts, primarly for automotive and more widely for the transportation segment.

Our history within SORA composites group for 25 years has made SPPP a unique actor on the world of paint application. Our teams have developped a large array of competences. We are higly knoweledgeable of our customers’ process enabling a good technical interface.

We are positionning ourselves in high technical segments. Our experience with specifics, is only mastered by a limited numbers of actors. Historicaly, SPPP activity is the decoration by paint appliction on plastic parts.

Since 2018, SPPP proposes global solutions for his client as a complementary service of his core painting competences : sub-assemble of parts onto painted part, deposit of protective film, development of specific packaging and management of the plastic injection.

These complementary activities resulting from our strategy of increasing added value for our customer allow our client to only manage one supplier and have one contact interface. Our strategy is to position SPPP as a supplier of global decorative solutions.

Our long lasting relation with the largest car markers and part suppliers, offers a solid and long term view of our business.
SPPP works primarly (95% of turnover) to the automotive as a Tier2 and is currently developping is non-automotive segment

The group SPPP runs two manufacturing sites located in France, Saint Berthevin and Banovce, Slovakia.


Our mission is to supply in Europe to the Automotive Tier1. More generally, provide decorative solutions that meet the highest quality standards for the global transportation market.

Statement of purpose

Our positionning is based on our know how, our rooted customer engagement and operational excellence. Our values and our company culture, ALPHA WAY, are at the service of our clients, employees and the territories where we operate.


Recognized and well-known for its competences and high requirement level, SPPP inside ALPHA’s group has the ambition to developp its European activities and to become a supplier of global decoratives solutions respecting environmental constraints.

Company Goal

Based on our global offer and well positionned industrial footprint in Europe, we aim to provide to all our customers, Automotive Tier1 and industrials actors in general, a strong added value, high service and sustainable solution of decoration for the projects our customer will entrust us.

Values and culture

Like all the other site of ALPHA group, our values and company culture integrate the group philosophy : to remain agile and pragmatic in a fast changing environment.

All SPPP teams are animated by the same customer passion, high service and quality requirement while respecting environmental regulation and norms.

Company responsabiltiy

SPPP is engaged to act in good citizenship and a responsible employer, to develop the local community where its sites are implemented and maintain an high conformity level within the group and with his partners.



Inside SORA Composites, creation of SPPP at Saint Berthevin dedicated to painted parts.


First paint line insalled up and running.


Decorative solutions on plastic parts are extended to other application than Automotive.


Creation of the subsidary in Banovce in Slovakia. The site is chosen for its strategical localization and the potential of the region.


SPPP is taken over by the company ALT (Jean Romain PY, son of the founder of SORA composites, ISATIS Capital, BPI Investissement).


In his European growth strategy, the group ALPHA Kk, automotive Tier 1 specialized in the access mecanisum aquired SPPP.


SPPP France acquires its logistic building.


SPPP is well known in the market for its exterior painting solutions. Today, we have the ambition to position the company as a global provider of decoratives solutions.

Our ideal industrial footprint in France and in Slovakia, associated with ALPHA group, project us on a European basis and position us as a partner of choice.

Our international and multi-skilled teams will be on your side and at your disposal for the projects you will entrust and develop with us.

CEO Deputy/Operations Director/COO - Olivier MARTINA


Already on SPPP deck when SORA was the owner, I have the pleasure to run this site since many years.

We joint APLA Kk group in October 2018 and this type of change is important in a company history.

The factory of Saint Berthevin is wellknown in the market of paint application for the competence of its women and man highly involved and performing daily.

One could easily forget it, as serving the automotive industry where the « ppm hunt » is a basis but delivering 50 000 painted parts a day with 25 different color tone is a challenge where a solid and well oiled organization is needed.

We always find the key words here : quality and reactivity making this site a reference in the market of the industrial painting.

Plant Manager France – Stéphane HARDY


I recently joined the ALPHA group and SPPP here in Slovakia after many senior positions abroad.

The site I have the pleasure to run was set early in 2008 and experienced all the changes and growth of the Automotive Eastern market.

Our activity has the particularity to see our customers being also our suppliers and our competitors…when they have inhouse painting capabilities. Each of them know they can find in SPPP a long term and reliable partner.

With all my team we are glad to position our group as a reference on the paint market and continue to support the growth of our clients.

Plant Manager Slovakia – Radovan ZELISKA


Coming from the plastic and injection industry world, I joined SPPP forces attracted by their competences, reactivity and business model.

With our 2 sites, we are well positionned to serve our European customer base and currently we are fitted on all vehicles brands and deliver more than 16 Millions parts per year.

Historialy geared to satisfy the automotive segment, we also look and explore new market opportunities where our process are bringing added value for our client.

Sales Director - Bahaa ABOU GHANEM


After a long and international carreer in SONY corporation, I joined the Automotive world to support ALPHA’s international growth.

True French afficionado, I speak French since my first rotation and now enjoy the live experience of west cities like Laval after have lived in Paris many years.

My field is primarly Finance and my asignement in SPPP supports the local teams (France and Slovakia) within the group and jointly with CEO we develop our activities here in Europe.

CFO Director - Masayoshi YAMAGUCHI


SPPP is a recognized expert for its painting solutions since 1987, date of the implementation of the first painting line in Saint Berthevin.

Today, we invest in decoration processes that are completing our core painting competences allowing our customers to find in SPPP multiples decoration solutions in line with their needs, but also with the automotive market trends.

Technical director – Emmanuel POLLOSSON